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Cité Keur Gorgui Lot n°67 - 3e étage
BP 64810 Dakar Fann

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AFROPX is the new online store for African images.

You can both buy and sell visual content: photos, video clips, designs and illustrations.

Empowering Creative Entrepreneurs

AFROPX helps local content producers to monetize their images and grow their business by generating new revenue streams and reaching new markets.

Photographers, video producers and illustrators can license images, track sales and meet the latest demands, in a fair and transparent arrangement with AFROPX. For every sale, 70% is allocated to the contributor (revenue), 30% to AFROPX (commission). Image professionals can dedicate their time to creativity, while AFROPX actively promotes their content and runs the online marketplace securely.

One-Stop Shop for true African images

For buyers, whether local or international, small or large companies, media or inpiduals, AFROPX offers an easy access to premium local content.

Our customers can browse, find and license multiple images, for editorial or commercial use.

There is a growing demand for images that accurately represent the civil society, economy, extraordinary potential and dynamism of African countries: youth, expectations, actions, transformation, innovation, challenges, richness, optimism, persity, opportunities, culture, consumers, lifestyle, growth, creativity, trends, tech

Brands are also increasingly consuming digital visual content to better address their audiences and create greater engagement; as media require more and more images.

To deliver our promise, AFROPX works with a unique network of professional photographers, video producers and designers in more than 15 African countries.

African Digital Startup

AFROPX is a new African tech startup.

The company is incorporated in Dakar, Senegal (since July 2017).

Explore and find what you are looking for your next project or article

We are proud to work with talented creative entrepreneurs, and display some of their amazing African content. And we are excited by the chance to work with you too!